The Witch, The Besom & The Bee


 The Witch The Besom And The Bee is the online home to ~M. and Gabrielle, the creative forces behind several online art venues.  Here you will find a blend of online content and information about the happenings in our world.

 Our world exists in a wild and untamed place. Overgrown with Pines, Oak and Sweet Gum, it is at it's core untamed and is unchanging in it's changing. Thick and unruly sentries of Wax Myrtle and Palmetto spring miraculously of out nucks and cranies. Lacework mantles of Cherokee Roses, Wild Grape, Honeysuckle and Poison Ivy hang in cascades from every high spot. At times the air is filled with the heady scent of Swamp Bay and Yellow Jessamine. Herbs with romantic names such as Possom Haw, Toadflax and Milkwort burst forth from the patchwork carpet of wild lawn.
 This wild world out here is spinning and alive with the sounds of Spring  Peepers, Swallow Tailed Kites, and Great Blue Skimmers, as the ground shimmers with Anoles, Cowkillers, and Daring Jumping Spiders.
  We hope that this glimpse into the world of  The Spellling Bee, The Well Writ Witch and The Gleesome Besom will inspire you to take in a new view of your own "neck of the woods."



~M and Gabrielle

Places To Find Our Art

Pagan/Nature/Fantasy Wedding, holiday, and customizable gift ideas

including: Books of Shadows and unique Pagan housewares.

 The Well Writ Witch

 One of a kind Witch Wands, Athames,Runes and art pieces for home or Altar.

The Spellling Bee

 Small but growing collection of Fantasy/Nature/Pagan themed fabric.

 The Gleesome Besom